We all have them…

We have stories of triumph, stories of failure, stories of joy and surprise, stories of fear and disappointment. Stories carry the memories of our life and give others a glimpse into who we are. Stories are the hidden and treasured pieces of our identity. Our stories and experiences shape who we are in many ways. 

One of the greatest story tellers of all time was Jesus. He had a way of telling stories that captivated his audiences. He spoke of truth and love, grace and judgement, healing and hurting. We believe His story is the greatest one ever told. We have dedicated our lives to following Him and trying to model his ways (imperfectly of course). Jesus talked about and highlighted the value of every human being. Every human being has been created in the image of God (Imago Dei) and is therefore inherently valuable. No matter what you believe or who/ what you place your faith in, you have value and deserve to be loved. Sometimes, those who identify as Christians are quick to point fingers and alienate themselves from the best of God’s creation- Human Beings.

Yes, it’s true that Jesus had some very strong things to say about right and wrong, but what He demonstrated first and foremost was love for humankind. You may not agree with us on matters of faith or our belief that Jesus is the one, true Savior and we are ok with that (well, sort of, we would love for you to know Him personally!) But we want you to know that regardless of your beliefs, you are welcomed here.

This space is not a place where we want to argue spiritual beliefs or political views, or to point fingers and judge. This space is meant to be a place for your story to be shared. We believe you have value, that your story is important, and that we can learn more about the attributes of God through you- as someone who has been created in His image .

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That being said, our family is about to head out on an overlanding adventure to collect stories. We are going to sell it all, pack up the kids and the dogs and travel North America. As we meet new people and visit new places (and some familiar ones), we want to hear stories of individuals, groups, neighborhoods, organizations, etc. This site will become a place for us to share those stories with the world (with the permission of the storytellers of course!) so that we can all learn from each other. And, hopefully see that we are all part of the same race- the Human Race.