"Polepole" (pōlë-pōlë)

I heard those words over and over again on our accent of Kilimanjaro. Polepole is Swahili, translated to English it means slowly, softly, be calm. Our guides would tell us over and over again “polepole”. Take it slowly, just one step at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed by what lays ahead. Be here, in this moment.

Years later I find myself repeating those words to myself. “Just go softly Brad, one step at a time. Don’t be overwhelmed by what lays ahead”. I feel like I’m out on the mountain again, looking out over what lays ahead. So much unknown. So much new and foreign. And yet here I stand, wanting to step out into that unknown.

Have you ever had the desire to create? To go out beyond the known? To leave the safety and security of your little world? If so, then you have found a kindred heart. I think many of us at different times feel the same desire. We want to create, explore, and venture out. But then the world convinces us it’s too scary out there and we turn back to what we feel is safe. Sure, it might not be what we want and it might be sucking the life and joy out of our soul, but at least its known. And knowing what to expect can be comforting. But what if we don’t have to muddle through life? What if we were actually made to venture out. What if that desire was planted in us by Someone greater than us. What if He wants us to step out of our safety and comfort? What if the point of this life is to learn to trust Him even when we can’t see the way.

I believe there is more. We believe there is more. My family and I are preparing to sell our home and most of our possessions in order to set out and explore. We hope to learn more about ourselves and grow closer as a family. We also hope to experience God in the world he has created and see pieces of him in those he has fashioned. I suppose it could all go horribly wrong and we might get wrecked by the worst of this world. We will never know unless we try. I for one, would rather try and fail miserably, than never try at all. And so we go “polepole” out toward the mountain.

We hope that you will join us on our journey and are excited to see who we will meet along the way!